Our Story


Know a little more about our company.

Founded in 2012 by two veterinarians Talita Ibelli and Allan Romulo, Univittá Saúde Animal began its activities in the city of São Paulo, in a previously existing structure that produced several raw materials for the human pharmaceutical follow-up, there far beyond the intention to be another company of veterinary supplements on the market the couple saw the opportunity to generate solutions, saw the possibility of contributing to the prevention and many animal diseases.Veterinary medicine has always been a passion, and during the 10 years before the foundation and with much work in the field many were the achievements, many difficulties, losses, and also were built many friendships, which were and are the greatest riches of our project of life.

As a puzzle the pieces were coming together and what was a dream was materialized with the entry of the partner Marcos Branco. With the help of God the company was growing and the right people and circumstances were put in every moment and with them a lot of learning. Often a question arose: "Why? ... "But the answer that came was," For what ... "With our dream come true, the opportunities kept coming. In early 2016 a friend and veterinarian Paulo Fasano sought us out sharing his dream of forming a veterinary product laboratory. From then on another story began to be written with a union, and the need for many customers was about to be fulfilled, Pharmacêutica emerges, a laboratory of veterinary products with the same objectives, same concepts and the same ideology.Headquartered in Três Pontas - MG, Pharmacêutica begins to surface and its first products, SóSebo and Barbatimão, weaving a promising trajectory of an innovation group: Univitta Pharmacêutica. You are part of what we are and we only come here because you accompany us every day.We strive so that everything you want is created and that every day we can identify an opportunity through your need. Please, search and welcome in our online space ... OUR !!! (Univittá, Pharmacêutica and You).

Our Mission.

Innovate applying technical and scientific knowledge to generate solutions that promote animal health and well-being, meeting and surpassing the expectations of our clients.

Our Vision.

To be in the fifth year of its foundation the third best known company of the veterinary branch of Brazil, as much in the middle of veterinary products as of supplements.

Our Values.

  • Love for what it does: Dedication and total dedication to everything we do.
  • Transparency: Be clear and honest in all relationships.
  • Innovative Spirit: Do the new to generate solutions.
  • Excellence: Always do the best.

Word of the Directors