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Does the Barbatimão ointment from Pharmacêutica drain into the wound?

Does the Barbatimão ointment from Pharmacêutica drain into the wound?
This is a frequent question that is always done by many owners and veterinarians.
Not the Barbatimão ointment from Pharmacêutica was developed not to drain when passed on the wounds, but of course this differential will depend heavily on the state that the injury is found and the characteristic of the secretion that supposedly this injury is presenting.

Secretions can be of small, medium and large volume. In addition, they can be presented in the following ways:
-Clear aspect: when caused by extravasation of the intravascular fluid out of the vessels during inflammation;
-Brownish aspect: creamy consistency and is associated with tissue degradation in the wound;
-Bloodthirsty or purulent aspect: In this case there is already an installed infection and the intervention with associated antibiotics is already very necessary;
-Serous aspect: Practically the ultimate degree of severity for an intervention and that usually occurs of any ointment drain a little during treatment, but that the Barbatimão proved to be quite consistent. In this case, the secretion is abundant and indicates an intense inflammation and it is necessary to reduce the handling of the wound and provide adequate absorption to prevent maceration, that is, that the region around the wound becomes moist too much.

All clarified, with the Barbatimão ointment from Pharmacêutica your gains in the treatment of wounds, will be right!!
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