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How do I improve my horse's hair?

How do I improve my horse's hair?

Many people ask themselves a question and seek change between peers or the internet, and not always what is easiest to improve the performance of your pet. The fact is that it is a medium- or long-term investment, and what is different influence quality, does not have time for success and even success in treatment.

The weather
Although we live in a country with a tropical climate, naturally in winter the horses' hair grows a lot in order to protect the animal by giving a furry appearance, giving often to understand that the animal is being badly treated nutritionally speaking. Already in the summer the hair tends to be shorter and thin discarding this type of reading.

To avoid the impact of climate on the quality of the animal donates some handling techniques can help because the excess of time in the sun is also harmful by the fact of "burning" the hair, changing its color and aspect most of the time.

In many cases, parasitic infestations have a direct influence on the quality of animal hair due to the fact that it impairs the use of the nutrients provided in the animal's diet or in some cases triggering local and / or generalized irritations in the coat. In this context, the worms will act to impair the absorption of nutrients and ectoparasites such as ticks, lice or fungi causing irritation of the skin and the animal's hair.

To minimize these negative effects, define a good management of deworming of your animal and always be aware of the prevalence of ticks and skin lesions making a strategic control of this type of parasites.


When we talk about management techniques that aim to improve the coat of the animal, much is recommended and other common sense will be fundamental. The lack of brushing and bath interferes in a negative way in the quality of the animal's hair, since the lack of hygiene makes the coat a medium conducive to ectoparasites and fungi, but beware! Excess bathing is also detrimental to the skin of the animal and consequently the quality of the hair, as it can excessively remove the natural oiliness and consequently skin defense mechanisms.

While brushing is always welcome, it can be done two or more times a day and showering using shampoos and conditioners suitable for horses is an excellent tool to maintain the quality of the hair, but remember that keeping the wet animal in the stall also is not a favorable habit because it facilitates the colonization of fungi.

The animal is what it eats, and we often do not take into account how much a particular diet or nutritional management is harming our animals. Intestinal bacteria are responsible for synthesizing most vitamins and for digesting the nutrients in the diet, taking care that the digestibility of this diet is optimized is an important tool to ensure the good general state of the equine.

As already said, a well-done worming and guarantee access to a bulky quality, we give basic tools of life for the equine, but we can do more for them. Proper mineralization is essential for the equine, since it directly influences weight gain, hull quality, coat and even performance.

But what sources of minerals and vitamins do you have on the market to feed the horses? Currently there are numerous brands of feed and the level of raw material and nutrients that all work can significantly contribute to the development of the animal and improving the quality of life. In addition, the use of probiotic functional additives contributes to the utilization of everything that is given to the animal, Pro-SACC for example, is a living yeast concentrate that provides the quality of the intestinal bacteria, significantly increasing the digestibility and consequently the nutrients utilization .

Using tools such as Pro-SACC plus the above tips will ensure the quality of the coat of horses working not only the symptom but the cause of poor quality of your pet. So stay tuned !!! The nutritional deficiency of the animals is reflected directly on the coat, making it dull, scarce or chirpy, and in 90% of cases small adjustments in the handling and use of quality products will be decisive in.


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