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Range- Oryzanol for Equidae

Range- Oryzanol for Equidae
Brazil is the largest herd of equidae in Latin America and the third largest herd in the world, studies of components that can be supplemented to equine diets to improve herd performance are increasingly common in Brazilian equideoculture, one of these components is Gamma-Oryzanol.
Gama-Oryzanol is a component ergo gene, a substance that increases the capacity of body and mental work, especially for its anti-oxidative characteristic, avoiding fatigue symptoms promoting better performance of the animals that consume it.

In addition it is a substance composed of sterols and feluric acid, mainly extracted from the oil of rice and can be extracted from other vegetable oils.
Sterols are substances found in all nature, where they have many vital biological functions, are the beginning for the synthesis of hormones, which are fundamental for muscle cells and functions in the body, perform functions equivalent to those of cholesterol in animals and are therefore necessary for to cell membranes and as precursors of sex.Feluric acid is a phenolic compound found naturally in some groups of vegetables including rice bran, among many others, feluric acid has been studied over the years because it has antioxidative properties.

Gama-Oryzanol used in equine supplementation as well as being an alternative to energy source, it promotes the reduction of plasma cholesterol, inhibits platelet aggregation and increases fecal excretion of bile acids, reducing cholesterol absorption, thereby promote increase of the lean mass of the animal by decreasing the fat deposit of the same.
It has a chemical structure that can be readily converted into androgens in an anabolic way due to its antioxidant properties Gamma-Oryzanol reduces the oxidative stress of muscle fibers, thus reducing muscle damage, improving recovery after physical exertion and thus increasing its performance .

Thinking about all these benefits and characteristics Univitta Animal Health has in its product line the Gama Rice, which is the only product based on degummed rice oil enriched with prebiotic (MOS) and Pro SACC probiotic that stimulate the proliferation of bacteria beneficial and absorption of nutrients, reinforcing the body's natural defense mechanisms.
The degummed crude oil of rice contains various substances like liposoluble vitamins, lectin, pigments, phytosterols and enzymes that in the refining process are removed.
In addition, the Gama Rice  contains substances with anabolic and antioxidant properties (Gamma-Oryzanol, Omega 3,6 and 9 and Vitamin E) that promote muscle growth and protect cells during and after physical exertion by eliminating free radicals.

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