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Hydration of animal skin wounds-Barbatimão

Hydration of animal skin wounds-Barbatimão

Barbatimão ointment is indicated for hydration of the skin of horses, cattle, pigs and even small animals, guaranteeing a correct hydration in healing processes, in all phases of development.

Tube with 100g

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Thinking carefully in the skin of animals of both large and small size, Barbatimão ointment was developed to ensure the best hydration of the animal's skin, collaborating with the healing process at all stages of development. Barbatimão ointment is a suitable ointment for skin hydration of horses, cattle, pigs and small animals.

-Beef Cattle
-Dairy Cattle
-The Birds
-Dogs and cats

-Barbatimão Extract

Use mode
Apply a thin layer on the skin of the animal after washing daily.


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