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Mineral Oil USP

Mineral Oil USP

The USP Mineral oil from Pharmacêutica is medical grade and is obtained through an ultra-modern process that removes all impurities from the original oil.

1 liter

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The Mineral oil USP da Pharmacêutica is medical grade and is obtained through an ultra modern process that removes all impurities from the original oil, making it meet the stringent quality standards of the American Pharmacopeia (USP – United State Pharmacopeia ) that regulates and guarantees the quality of the product for use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
After this judicious process, the final product is an odorless product, free from contaminants, colorless, of high purity and ready to be used in various clinical and technical procedures. The quality is already perceived by its viscosity and the safety of using a Pharmacêutica product brings undisputed security to the user and their animals.

Suitable for:
Horses, cattle, dogs and cats, goats and sheep.
Warranty levels for 100g product:
Mineral oil USP......................... 100%

Mode of Use:
Apply over the desired structure.


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