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Nutritional Support for Bone Mineralization, enriched with Prebiotics - New Algas

Nutritional Support for Bone Mineralization, enriched with Prebiotics - New Algas

NewAlgas is a supplement based on lithothamnium calcareum, a noble source of calcium, and enriched with MOS(mananoligossacarídes). It is highly soluble and fast acting.

Buckets of 4kg and 20kg

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Newalgas is composed of limestone marine algae mainly of the genus Lithothamnium, extracted in a sustainable way, from renewable source is produced with environmental responsibility and all sanitary care. Newalgas is a product of high solubility and is always available to the animal organism for absorption. Because it does not present adverse effects, Newalgas can be offered to horses and cattle in any category including pregnant women and young animals.

Lithothamnium Calcareum

Use mode
Provide directly in the trough or spray on feed
Equinos: 10g for each 100 kg weight
Dairy cattle: Calves: 5g/head/day
Heifers: 7g/head/day
Lactating: 25g/head/day
Animals in acidosis: 50g/head/day
Beef Cattle:
Containment: 25g/head/day
Pasture: 5 to 10g/head/day




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